Christmas Blues

It’s exactly eleven days before Christmas, holiday mood sets in for many, except me perhaps?! I just couldn’t feel the same exciting and happy mood just like the good old days. Not that I am being negative, I just came to realize  that this Christmas will be a different one in terms of many things. First thing, we are broke- financially!

A sad thing that I don’t want to hide, not that I am ashamed of it and not proud of it either- just accepting the fact that we are in this situation. We are working on it, to make ends meet in a positive way. 

Hopeful and thankful. That’s how I still feel despite all the challenges we are facing right now. Hoping and keeping my faith that all things will be ok in the end. As I always say whenever I am at the verge of losing hope and patience, “this too shall pass” . Things may not turn out the way I really wanted it to be, but things aren’t worst enough to break and tear us down either. Thankful that we are ok health wise, one great wealth that we consider to have still. Though Ian and I were feeling sickly lately, the kids are in the pink of health, except for the common sickness- coughs and cold.

Positive. When all things seems dreary, it’s hard to look at the brighter side. But in the end, I should fight off the lowliness. People around me needs me, my family. I need to be strong for them. I know that a glimpse of positivity sparks a great chance of good things bound to happen.

I saw this while browsing from my FB newsfeed, this is from Pope Francis  FB Page

Stop weeping! Don’t give room to sorrow! Don’t let the enemy break your spirit. The enemy can take everything away from you but he can’t take your joy, the joy of the LORD will forever be your strength. Let me assure you tomorrow will be all right.
Glory Be To God

Never lose hope, always. 🙂

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