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Our family is so into casual clothing. We rarely wear events clothing like formal or dresses and something fancy! All of us are fond of just wearing t-shirts and pants or shorts. Especially for the past 3 years when we are all stuck in the house nowhere to go due to Pandemic. Most us are just in jammies and house clothes.

Now that we are starting to move around and go out often again, time to update our closet. I have thrown plenty of old and overgrown shirts. Now that my son has turned 16. His style for clothing has changed. He’s no longer into animal prints and loud colors in shirts but is now into those geeky t-shirts.

He asked me if we can go to the mall to look for some. Since we are quite busy and my schedule wouldn’t fit in to go out for the next few days as I needed to submit some work deadlines. I told him we can just search online for a Geek Shop and then find the right size for him. We can always read reviews and experiences from customers so this can save us more instead of going out.

I stumble upon online on this Geek Store that offers a lot of geeky and funny shirts like the below ones who my son have chosen and added to cart. I am also thinking of buying one for myself as this definitely also fits me! Haha! Will be choosing a different colour and a bigger size for me.


They not only cater to shirts but also accessories like this funky bracelet below.


My son said this is really a cool website and recommend to his friends too. We’ll see how it goes for the online loots.

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