Clothing and Accessories For Your Pumpkins!

I now have 2 grown up children and no longer kids but are now teenagers! An 18 years old gal and 16 years old son. One of the things I missed doing things for them is taking them to a shopping without them imposing on me what they like and don’t like. Haha!

Now they have their own taste and preferences in clothing. They no longer like mismatching color outfits nor like to to be in jumper and of course, onesies! I used to love to be in the baby clothing store  in the mall and spend few hours looking a round for those little shirts, shorts, dresses and buying costumes even if I don’t know the theme yet. Any mommies out there that can relate, raise your hand! 🙂

Those were the good days! But there are still time that I go and search for kids clothing store online when I have to buy them as gifts for friend’s kids and relatives on special occasions and important events like birthdays, baptism, Christmas, new year’s, etc. I believe that buying kids clothing will never cease as part of our lives.

I am looking around now for baby & kids hats for a friend’s daughter and son who will both turn 2. Yes, they are twins! How lucky parents and lovely surprise for a big growing family to have twins!

I am eyeing on these different types of hats perfect for kids! I wanted to buy these instead of the usual clothing as this is perfect accessories that would match up their dresses and can be used in different weathers.

They can go casuals on the pattern hat. The bucket is perfect on a sunny or fishing activity for their family and the knitted ones for the cold season.

Personalized Camo Pattern Hat For Kids
Personalized Baby Name Sun Bucket Hat
Furball Parent-Child Plaid Knitted Hat

I love how this shop offer different kinds of kid’s clothing and accessories. A one stop shop of everything you need.

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