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Hi there! It’s been awhile since I had personal updates. But I’m still thankful for those who keep checking every once in a while. Despite the MIA, this blog  Life in this Wonderful World was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs on the web.

It’s on Top 47 now, last time I checked last week it was top 48 🙂 You can check out other blogs here:

It’s been quite a journey since my first ever post in January 2008. I couldn’t imagine I am able to maintain and keep this personal space of mine in this online world for 14 years! I built this blog when I was still a regular employee for a small company that caters computer products. My motivation back then was to earn online on the side, I did research on how to make money online while working with a regular day job and it all led me to blogging!

This blog has been my comfort zone and sound board for all my musings! I promise to keep this for as long as I am alive. haha! I used to manage 6 websites and this is the only one left and keeping this with or without sponsored posts. I may not be able be as consistent as before in posting an update but am sure to keep you posted every once in awhile for an update with what’s happening around. So much happened for the past 2 years during the pandemic and I hope to share what happened and things we experienced during and after surviving the new normal.

I hope you stick around with me in My Life in this Wonderful World

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