The Best Shapewear for Your Personal Comfort and Style

While every woman is always eyeing nice lingerie, bras, and panties, they often forget about the shaping experience that only shapewear can provide. That’s because shapewear promises sculpting and shaping to the entire body while lifting and enhancing the bust and booty. However, it can be extremely challenging to purchase shaper shorts and bodysuits that complement the style as well as comfort.

Having said that, if you are new to wearing shapewear and don’t have experience shopping for it, we are sharing some of the best tips with you!

1. Start by Knowing Your Style

Many women make the mistake of purchasing a size smaller whenever they purchase shapewear because they want to look smaller. However, it only makes them suffocated and uncomfortable. For this reason, we recommend that you know your size and purchase the size that fits your body. So, it’s time to take out the measuring tape, measure your curves, and use the size chart to find the right fit.

Before we move to the next step, we want to tell you that wearing a body shaper with butt lifter smaller than your size can result in aches and digestion issues. In fact, if there is chafing and rubbing, it can result in fungal infections and skin irritation.

2. Use Low-Stretch Fabric

Everyone wants shapewear that gives them a sculpted effect, and they end up purchasing high-stretch fabric. The ideal option is to choose a fabric with some give but low stretch. That’s because if the fabric is too stretchy, it will move with your body, leading to low compression. For this reason, you should purchase shapewear made from lycra, microfiber, or spandex materials.

That’s because these fabrics have much-needed recovery as well as stretch. In addition, it has a compression fabric while ensuring your comfort and apt fitting.

3. Invest in Different Types of Shapewear

As a woman, you already know that there are different types of bras for different clothes, and the same goes for shapewear. For this reason, you’ve to purchase different types of shapewear as they complement specific silhouettes only. For instance, if you have a knee-length dress, you can purchase shapewear that goes to the bottom of the thigh.

On the other hand, if you’ve to wear jumpsuits and tight pants, you should opt for shapewear with a thong bottom. So, it’s time to experiment Shapellx’s  shapewear and fill up the drawer.

4. The Part You Want to Accentuate

While you are looking for eco friendly shapewear, you’ve to know that the part of your body you want to accentuate also impacts the decision. If you want a full sculpting, a full-body shapewear is recommended. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate the torso, you can opt for butt-lifting shapewear and smoothing panties.

On a concluding note, it is difficult to start your journey with shapewear because it has been labeled as uncomfortable. However, it’s uncomfortable only when you aren’t considerate about your size, so be true to size and show off the body!

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