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It’s summer and we’re at the height of getting the hottest heat index calculated so far. The Department of Education has already announced of class suspension in all levels. One of the things I hate the most is going out to do some errands as we don’t really have a choice but to bear the heat outside. I remember back in the day where we enjoy summer! The heat back then is bearable and something to look forward doing summer activities like swimming, going on music, arts and other fun lessons! Of course, my childhood friends and I have all the time going playing outside, that’s quite a lot of physical activities!

However, as time goes by and evolve with the modern technology, our activities also evolve and we are more inclined to do online activity more. It reflects on the kids’ generation now. I remember how my son’s motivation to reading is that he’d able to read out the texts on the online kids games he’s playing with. haha! For us parents and adults, we are also more inclined to do shopping online! doing the grocery and buying clothes has never been easier now with just a few clicks away. We have saved so much on time and effort in doing these things. So far, doing online shopping is the thing I enjoyed the most. haha!

Although doing online activities should never hinder us to do more physical activities. It should go hand in hand like for health purposes for example, I myself is trying to become more physically fit and is now taking maintenance medications for Diabetes. I am monitoring my weight and invested in a weighing scale and is now tracking on my weight loss. I used to75 kilos, went down on 65 and currently on 67 kilos.

With the help of these online tools. I am trying to use the online calculator and able to monitor and estimate body fat. Carefully explained the specifics and details below screenshot.

I love that it is very helpful for everyone who is going through and trying to achieve their weight loss goals. Very informative indeed as they also have other tips on how you can really achieve a healthy lifestyle and are backed up with resources from the experts. I love that they also have online kids games! Perfect not just for kids but for young at hearts too! Their Tap Supermarket is so much fun.

is an isometric game where the player must manage a grocery store including restocking produce, expanding the line of goods sold, and checking out customers. As you proogress through the game you can unlock new displays. Don’t forget to scroll up to the stock room in the upper left corner of the game to keep it stocked as well.

How about you? What are you up to on your online activity lately?

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