Kids Christmas Wishlist

Here are the things that the kids would want to receive as presents from Santa this Christmas! There are still other things on their list but will have to make a separate entry for those. lol!  We weren’t able to buy last year the Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe that DD wants, but we’ll see if  this is still available or we have to resort to this one below which I think is also nice as she loves to play online baking games.

Play-Doh Cake Bakery

The fun really starts to stack up as you create layer after layer of fun and fabulous Play-Doh modeling compound “cake” creations! Use the molds to create layers for your pretend “cakes” and then load up your Cake Malin’ Station tool to add all kinds of amazing decorations on top. Use your “frosting” tool to add frosting to the top of each “cake”. When you’re done with your “bakery” masterpiece, set it on the plate accessory to “serve” to your friends so you can celebrate. Creativity has never looked this yummy before!  Priced at $15.99

As for the little boy who is a certified BEN10 Fanatic, it’s no surprise that he still wants this BEN10 Legacy Omnitrix over other toys and gifts that we suggested. 😀

Use the Legacy Omnitrix to mix & match parts to create a one-of-a-kind Omnitrix. Includes 35 interchangeable pieces to create over a thousand possible combinations and a lightcore. Requires 2 LR44 batteries which are included. Price: $34.99

*** Price and item description taken from Toys R Us

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