Exam Week

It’s examination week for the kids. DD is having their shortened period today to give way for a review session on their subjects. DD’s teacher Ms. A gave me ring and informed me that it has been an hour and my poor little girl is waiting for her Dad to pick her up. I told Teacher that I’ll call up on DH. I was bit worried that something bad might had happen hence the delay in picking up of DD. I’m starting to be in panic when no one’s answering the phone. After three sets of ring, my little boy finally picked up the phone and told me that his Daddy’s not around. I was giving him instructions when I heard DH on the background, I immediately asked the little boy to give the phone to his Dad and I told him about the teacher’s call and he was so shocked as he forgot that the little girl is on a shortened period. He FORGOT! Oh well, he’s forgiven. School is just stone’s throw away from us and and it wouldn’t take another hour but only five to ten minutes to get there. The important thing is that  nothing bad happen to any of them. I just hope that DD were able to take her afternoon nap so that we can review some of her lessons tonight.

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