Computer Repair

One of the many perks that goes with doing my job is being connected to the world wide web. Some of my tasks entail me to do some research on the net. The convenience of my work is also dependent on the reliability of my PC. Just a few days ago, my PC at the office suddenly shut down while I was doing a report. I kept on rebooting it, but it said “ Disk Boot Failure.”

Our technician said there was a problem with the hard drive. Thankfully, I workwith  technicians around who can do the repair. When it is our home computers that fail us, we aren’t quite so lucky! In a world where we are all so reliant on our computers, it is important to find a reliable and quick computer repair service. In the Portland metropolitan area there is a company that provides straight forward and well-priced service to homes and small businesses.

This Portland computer repair company will either come to your home to service your computer, or do it remotely through an internet connection. They promise that regardless of which service you choose the service will be prompt and thorough. Portland pc repair is a company that has simplified computer repair. No unplugging wires and toting your system into a shop. They will come to you, or service your computer remotely.

Their service fees are straight forward and they offer a flat rate and guaranteed virus removal service. In addition to virus removal they offer Portland computer support for hardware problems, for software installation, a simple data back up or even os installation. This Portland company is PCMD Inc. They are open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM, which is really helpful and also very convenient.

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