Overwhelming Tasks

I don’t know where to start as I wanted to do things all at the same time. Lol offline and online tasks are now starting to pile up but I am here don’t know what to do. OMG! haha so let me break things out in order first things first and I am pretty sure will be able to pull it off till midnight that is if my internet connection will cooperate with me, last night was a hard one for me as I was not able to do anything because I can’t figure out how to restore the connection no matter how many times I did use the click fix menu, I am crossing my fingers that I can do some of my tasks in the office later today to beat all the deadlines of my deliverable .

Online tasks

  • I got 20 articles to finish in less than 48 hours. yay!
  • 4 personal posts needed to be publish
  • ec and adgi dropping
  • photo resizing
  • long overdue photobook making
  • do search on where to get permanent hair removal that I will recommend to a dear friend asking me as she has been long wanting to have it to finally get rid of those unwanted hairs.


  • clean the room
  • review gabby for their quiz tomorrow
  • laundry some clothes
  • organize closet

Some things have slipped my mind, forgetful me, hope I remember it and update this one later.

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