Back To The Grind

I just can’t get over with the long weekend, I am still feeling blue at work and is always on the lookout for the clock to tick till 5:30 pm. Bad I know! Nothing seems interesting at work anymore. The eight hours I spend at the office seems like eight years to me. 🙁

But then again, I still got a work and it’s what matter most right now, everybody’s aiming to get one and here I am thinking to quit.

For now, I need to keep this job. I am done with the contribution reporting, all I need is to submit them for filing. I also need to look for emc vnx 5300, a san storage that a client needs for their  network in the office. I need to get it done to submit the quotation for approval. Update my file for accounts receivables, etc. attend to out of the office errands.

I just hope the very main reason I got five years ago before I started on this job can keep me inspired and motivated to keep this work. I am really praying hard to God to show me the right way and guide me on my decisions.

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