First Quarter Grades

of the little girl is here already!

We weren’t able to attend the PTA meeting last September 26. As it is the day when typhoon Ondoy came. meeting is held in the morning which also is the day of the distribution of their report card. It was only last Friday when DH got the little girls’ grade card. Her grades are ok. If I could afford a reward to a Las Vegas Shows we would definitely give her. ahaha She didn’t make to the top ten, but it’s fine for as long as she’s enjoying her study. But teacher P told DH that Gabby is no longer focus on her studies as she doesn’t listen when teacher is lecturing in their class, she would talk to her seatmate while the class is going on. Would just stare and doesn’t react when being talked to. I hope that she will cooperate more next time. I already did talk to the little girl and she promised me that she’ll be good at behave at school. I hope so! notice her attendance record, she’s never been absent during the first quarter and never been late too!

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