Very Good Grades

of the little girl that is! was late posting this one as I kept on keeping this on my pending to do’s. It’s been almost three weeks, but its still worth a post so here it is! Oh well, little girl got her reward for this one. She just asked for the hello kitty collectibles from Mc Do and she was already one happy kid! Another reward she wanted was a kiddie value meal from Jollibee this time. She all got this from watching TV… She would take note of the commercials of these two.. Ahaha… Last night while DH was writing the lists of things to buy for our trip to the grocery later. She asked her Daddy to put the word TOYS in the list. LOL. DH of course happily obliged. She even checked and ask for the list if it was really written, we can’t fool her as she can now read very well. Oh kids!

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