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Now that we are in the Pandemic. A lot of things have changed and made a turn upside down, it has taught us a lot of lessons and we all need to adjust. We knew that there are a lot of restrictions made to in order for us to be protected and keep safe from the virus. Since one of the essential thing to do to keep off spreading the virus is to exercise physical distancing. Business and economy are greatly affected in different industries especially for those that requires a lot of dealing with people.

Part of the ‘new normal’ nowadays is you can only go out whenever you need to buy the essentials like food and medicines. So most of the things are to be done and process online! Shopping and doing the groceries are just a few clicks away. Good thing that deliveries are now open to all kinds of online shopping and no more restrictions to the things you want to buy online unlike a couple of months ago.

So it’s time to update our stash for clothing. Since I have gained a few pounds for eating a lot during the quarantine and dear daughter have grown bigger, we need to buy new clothes. Haha!

Glad to stumble upon a couple of online fashion store that caters to our needs for clothing. Dear daughter is so into sunflower clothing lately and perfect for the summer season here in our part of the world!

Sunflower Halter Casual Mini Dress – Black

I, on the otherhand is more of a casual type of clothing. I am more of a Tee and jeans person. I love this leopard print clothing, perfect for a relaxed activity like going to the mall or just meet up with some close friends. I actually can wear this to work since we don’t have a dress code. Love the leaopard pocket tee design.

Leopard Printed Splicing T-Shirt Tee without Necklace – Black

You can check out Bellelily and Fairy Season websites as they offer cheap but quality made women’s line of clothing and lots of discounted offers.

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