Long Weekend

We are currently on a vacation mode until tomorrow, Monday (August 26) in Lieu of the National Heroes Day Holiday. Yesterday, I was able to enjoy laundry-ing our clothes when Mr. Sun finally showed up brightly until late afternoon.

But it rained hard again last night and I thought of another horrible flood, just like what happened last week that led to suspension of classes due to monsoon rain enhanced by Typhoon Maring for about 3 days.

A 4 days total of no classes which includes the Ninoy Aquino Day last Wednesday (August 21). Classes resumed last Friday in our place,  Tuesday next week for other  areas in the Metro.

The little boy got a terrible colds last Wednesday, he was stuck on the bed the whole day. We made him this:

Fresh Dalandan

Dalandan Water!


Aside from cough and colds medications, this really worked well for him. He is up and active the very next day  and were able to go to class last Friday! 🙂

Hooray for a sun shiny Sunday morning today! continuous rain makes me really feel gloomy.   I hope it goes for the rest of the day and until next week as I am really looking forward to a meet up with blogger friends.

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