Maximizing Space In Rooms

One of the typical problem that we often encounter when having a small space in our room is how to keep everything in place and at the same time keep it clutter free.

Here are some simple tips to keep things organized at home:

  • Storage box. throw in there things that is not essential for everyday use to avoid clutter. Keep a separate box for your kids toys. We all new kids love to play on them every now and then, having a dedicated one for them will save a lot of your time in cleaning and sorting out things.
  • Label up. keep those important things in tag for easy identification, this really works well in the kitchen stock-photo-picture-of-kitchen-shelf-with-bottles-and-jam-jars-67007506

while cooking your favorite dishes. You might have been pouring in an iodized salt into your pan thinking that it is a sugar. 🙂

  • Use tv mounts to maximize floor area space, this really works well to those who have small areas in their living room. We all know how tv cabinets eat up most of the space in our living and bed rooms.
  • Become minimalist. Works well not just in small space but also for those who have big houses. Less is beautiful as they always say, simple and clutter free home is more relaxing and soothing to the eyes.

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