Party Loots

We did take a quick trip to Divisoria last Sunday afternoon to buy more party favors for the little girl’s party. I really enjoyed going around the 168 mall as it is my first time to shop around there. The prices are really affordable and we were able to take a good deal on a certain shop where we did buy most of the stuff. The cordless barcode scanner of the cashier really works well as the sales attendant were able to scan all the goodies smoothly, only our pockets were hurt! lol.


There are some more things that we need to buy and we have to go back there this week. Just the giveaways and some more balloons on the list needs to be done. We’re off this morning to buy the cake tower and hope to accomplish everything today since most of the shops will be close by tomorrow till Saturday.

One thought on “Party Loots

  1. I wanted to shop lots of loots for Julia’s 2nd birthday last year – but I was so stressed already thinking of a lot of things + I had no time to visit Divi. Kaya konti lang loots ni Julia. I’m such a disorganized mom talaga pagdating sa mga events na ganyan, hehehe!

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