Accident Prone Mom

My niece posted a photo of my mom over at FB, I was really surprised to see how she awfully looked because she seemed like being beaten up. I immediately asked my niece to take down the photo off her FB wall. When I called my mom, she told me that she met an accident while she was on her way to the market, she missed stepping on the gutter and fell with her face down. Good thing that there was somebody behind her who immediately run to her rescue, glad that she did not pass out too. She even managed to do the marketing still after the fall. But her face, especially around her eyes were all blue and violet. She got some deep wound on her knees too. She’s worried to as she told us that she doesn’t have spare money for some emergency case like that, so I am looking around for  medicare supplement plans that we can get for her. With her age and health condition, it is just but necessary to ensure that she’s covered healthcare.

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