On Car Allowance

It was six months ago when our employer decided to hire another employee that will do all the collections every Fridays since the increase of job orders have made the other technician which also act as a collector/messenger became so busy that he could not attend to collect on time. Added to that is the increase of demand on the part of our customers who asks for a pick up on their unit of computers and have it repaired due to hardware and software problems. Plus the delivery of items is really so time consuming that there are instances where an on spot delivery must be done.

Becoming too busy and absorbed with the mobile job that our technicians have, they have been provided with motorcycles to save fares and time since it’s much easier to reach the customers traffic wise. They have been given Car Allowance too and have it reimbursed on a monthly basis. This system is pretty much beneficial for both party after weighing the pros and cons of getting one. The driver will be given a fair and accurate data as to their actual costs incurred and proper identification as to when he did use the vehicle for business or personal use. While it will be cost savings on the part of the employer on administrative costs, personal expenses, etc.

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