Sleepy Me!

I really had a tiring day, going out to do some errands for the office really consume a lot of my working hours. Imagine the heat of the sun while being outside or sometimes braving out the heavy rain, these are one of the reasons why I want to just quit my job and become SAHM. But it was far from our plans yet as my day job helps to make ends meet. Especially during this time where extra income is badly needed. I hope things will turn out well. Btw, I am now searching for some strollers around the net as I wanted to give this a gift to a close relative who really wanted to have one. It was quite a surprise to see how nice are the models being offered now, I remember buying my kids their stroller then were designs are just the typical ones and there’s really nothing fancy on it. Now, it looks more sturdy and more fashionable, not to mention that it really has great features most especially the wheels, most of what they have now are three wheeled strollers, boosting its advantages than those 4 wheeled one. This is a must especially if you travel a lot with your kids.

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