Step By Step Guide on How To Order Your PSA Birth Certificate Online

One of the most important document that we needed in our our life is our Live Birth Certificate.

Back in the day, I remember having an old copy of my birth certificate. See below the copy issued from a local city registrar. As you can see, the quality is not secured as it is just from a photo copy machine with a regular bond paper and rubber stamped with signature for the certification which is very easy to forge.

Certificate of Live Birth Issued by Local Civil Registrar

I also had to line up and go from a different window and then wait for another couple of days for the release of the copy. Glad that those days were over and glad we now have one government agency, Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) that regulates and serves as the central statistical authority of the Philippine government on primary data collection. Securing a copy of birth certificate is essential as it is mostly needed in many legal transactions like getting a passport, requirement in enrolling in school or even for some in job application (local and abroad) When it is your first time to apply for a Philippine passport, they will require you to submit an original copy of PSA issued birth certificate.

Since we had an issue with my daughter’s birth certificate, we had to go back and for at the local city registrar in Manila City hall to fix her surname so she can carry her dad’s surname as per R.A 9255.

Getting a copy of birth certificate nowadays is no longer a hassle unlike before where you really have to exert too much effort by traveling, lining up and allotting most of your time physically.

It is now very easy with just a few clicks away! I will help you out and walk you through on how I did secure PSA Birth certificate it via their online application and delivery here:

Click on order now and select ‘Birth’ See below screenshot’

This will prompt you to select if this is for your own birth certificate or for someone else.

Choose the one that apply. In my case, I choose ‘ my own birth certificate’ ( I have selected the ‘for someone else’ when I have processed the one for my kids after finishing my own order)
These are the details that you need to carefully check and fill in for the documents.

Make sure to double check on the the spelling and ensure your are selecting carefully the correct choices like the gender, etc to avoid getting any errors or issues.

For my daughter’s birth certificate, I had to select the “Paternal Acknowledgement” button as we had her birth certificate annotated that states she can use my partner’s surname ( the original certificate carries my my surname)

if there are no legal matters that has been done, you may just simply select “None

After reviewing and confirmed all the data you have filled in. You will be prompt to the next page for the payment option below;
You may choose the once convenient for you via credit card and other e-wallet, e-transaction of your choice ( GCASH, PayMaya, Shopee Pay or Bayad online) You also have the option for OTC payments through 7-11, Palawan, etc. Or BancNet and Dragonpay.

You should also receive an email confirmation of your order details with the order number and amount for you to finalize the order of the birth certificate. See below;

Check out the Deliver Reminders and ensure you are present and have with you the necessary valid IDs you selected and show to the courier upon delivery,

It took me only less than 15 minutes to order 4 birth certificates for the whole family. How’s that for the convenience at the comfort of your own home only!

I will keep you posted once I have receive the certificates to check on their delivery time frame.

Below is the delivery time frame;

3 to 4 Working days 1 within Metro Manila
3 to 8 Working days 1 outside Metro Manila

They have also ADVISORY: Deliveries may be delayed in areas affected by Typhoon Paeng as several areas are flooded. Please bear with us.

You can check them out on below details;

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