What’s Your Favorite Pastime Online?

How’s life lately? I have been very busy with work (from home) lately. I don’t really get the chance to go out for leisure activities. The only reason why I go out for the past months is only to run important errands, that’s on top of my list. We do groceries at least twice a month and go to drugstore to buy DH’s maintenance medicines and also bring our baby pet dog Aimee to her vet for check ups and scheduled grooming session every 3 months. Also some quick visit to my son’s school for meeting. The only leisure thing I do on the side is a quick mall shopping. Haha! Most of my purchases are made online!

Since Pandemic happened 2 years ago, most of activities we have are online! work and shopping 😉 School for the kids were online too! But they are now back to face to face classes and I can vouch how they have missed going out and interacting back again with their classmates and friends!

As for me, I have remained working from home (which I am so thankful) and glad I no longer have to face traffic, no more braving the rain and floodwater. I can sulk at home and enjoy the rain while drinking a cup of coffee. No more walking sweaty under the heat of the sun when going home from work.

The only thing that I need to adjust to is getting a lot of physical activity even when I am just at home. I make sure to walk around the house, spend some time on stationary bike and go out once in awhile a walk and buy at a near store. Surprisingly, I am not bored even I stay most of the time at home. I guess that’s the introvert me speaking here. Haha!

Since holiday is just around, our work is getting a bit of a stress lately dealing with lots of emails and chats enquiries! Going overtime at some point to keep up with customers demand. So how do I destress and break free from getting burnout? I do play online games after work and free time since I no longer enjoy going out much lately!

I am not so into mobile legends and the like type of online gamer. I just want to play feel good simple online games! I have came across this site Mortgage Calculator gaming section that offers free online games for kids, online, business, finance, etc. I enjoyed playing most of the games as they offer different kinds that are easy to play and won’t add up stress while you play. Just keeping you cool. A great online pastime game indeed.

I enjoyed this Office Hurdles game. But I kept stumbling down and cannot calculate the spacing better. Hahaha

Here’s how to play

  • Left click to jump over wet spots on the floor.
  • You score points based on how far you run.
  • Time your jump perfectly to score 10 bonus points. Make multiple perfect jumps in a row and activate a score multiplier where the second jump is worth 20, the third is worth 30, and so on.
First time trying and didn’t realise you have the option to change player as a man and woman. The aim is to not jump on those hurdles.
I am not good at focusing and calculating when to jump up. Haha! But I get to have 85 for my best scores before I totally passed out over there.

Another game I enjoyed is the Coffee Shop, is a one-month simulation game where players adjust game settings to earn as much as they can from running a coffee shop. I like that you get to really feel running and managing your own coffee business virtually!

You get to manage the stocks, inventory, pricing, etc.

Very nice for the kids and young at heart to get a good grasp of how a business works like you being the boss and runs your own coffee shop!

Simple things like paying online games definitely helps out to ease those boredom and I get to feel sane again as I get to enjoy playing these virtual games and gives me a break from working online seriously.

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