Playing Online Games Amidst the Pandemic and Walking Down Memory Lane

Ever since internet users skyrocketed in the 90’s, online games established its reputation as one of the concepts that made the usage of the internet successful and approachable for the general public. Now, there are more than a million websites that promote and develop online games, targeting both children and adults alike. 

Almost everyone I know (colleagues, acquaintances, relatives) have experience when it comes to online gaming. My children (aged 17 and 15) still play games online. There are many reasons why online games are so popular. With just a click, people can search up their favorite childhood game and play it on the internet. So many classics are being turned into something fresh, to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the gaming community. 

In my country, we have been quarantined for two years. Two years inside of my house made me and my family form coping mechanisms to be able to stay inside. While I started taking care of plants and gardening, my children (as I said earlier) used gaming as a way to cope. Whenever I would check on my daughter, I would see different games playing on her screen every minute of a day. As it turns out, she started playing more than 20 different games and managed to switch it up in between. All day, she has so much to do to keep her virtual worlds flourishing and well. 

I asked her one day to recommend me a game, a non-stressful one, because my work already does that for me. She suggested that I try something I am already familiar with to lessen the burden of learning new things. 

It wasn’t surprising to know that everything I wanted to have and play in my childhood could be accessed virtually. I was delighted to see that there were tons of websites that offer card games. Solitaire was one of the games I used to pass the time. It gave me a sense of nostalgia, because my friends and I used to play cards all the time back then. 

Aside from cards, I was also an avid fan of Candy Crush back then! As it turns out, I like the concept of connecting colors (LOL). Playing solitaire has been my favorite pastime even before we had a personal computer, My grandmother taught me how to play it and it’s been one of our bonding moments whenever she visits. Glad to know that still has it. But it was refreshing to see that they also provided other games. I tried playing new ones despite my daughter telling me to try ones I already know, and what do you know, I actually had a lot of fun!

Hidden Kitchen was one of the newer game concepts that I tried. The mechanics state that I was supposed to look for the items given, and it was indeed a challenge! It was very fun, however. Trying out new things and being back to trying out games brought me back to my childhood.

Especially now, as we are in trying times, being able to have access to online games is one of the things I consider to be a blessing. Technology has evolved so much, for just a click of my mouse, I can travel in time and have fun.

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