Loving My New Blog Theme!

Finally, I was able to change my blog theme after three years! Hooray! This time around, I am so happy to find the one that I have been long looking for. First, a minimalist design. Second, It’s a free theme! Third,  I was able to pull off a blog header that I made myself with the help of Angie’s simple “How to Design a Blog Header” Tutorial. 🙂 I downloaded some of her free flower clip arts and voila!

credits to angiemakes.com for the water color flower clip arts. So girly and pretty!


I’ll be tinkering on the font colors next time. For now, I am loving everything here around- it feels homely and this is how I really wanted it to look like. Clean and minimal.

On the side note, our kitchen is close (again) and we will be reopening after Holy Week. So this is the reason why I had the luxury of time to surf around the net. haha! But I am also crossing my fingers that come the month of April, our business will bounce back up again! It has been quite a struggle for both Ian and I because our finances have been depleted since last month. But God is so good that he kept on providing us all that we need every time that we ran out of everything. For the many chances that he never fail to give us, we are so grateful!

I am yet to decide if I really have to go back to work, I mean an 8-5 working job to get a fix salary to augment our income. OR should I stay home still and help out in the Kitchen?! I have been long wanting to just stay at home and be with the family just like our situation now. BUT, the kitchen’s income is not enough to cover all the expenses- bills, bills and more bills! Actually, I am really praying hard to find a home based job. So I can still take a look over at home and the kids while working. I’ve been through a lot with my seven years working experience away from home- the hours of commute, people at work, the terrible weather, freakin hot summer season and the flood during the rainy days. Yes, the FLOOD! I don’t want to deal with them again anymore. Haha!

I know, God will grant me what’s the best for us!  Be it a work away from home or a work based at home, it doesn’t really matter now. For as long as there is work. Ok, so much for the word WORK. haha! I know, God is working on it. 🙂





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