Trust In Him

It wasn’t really a  good morning. I decided to head on to the Divine Mercy church near our place. There was only a few  people around, a man who was praying and a small group of choir practicing their songs near the altar. It felt more good as I hear their song and piano in the background as I prayed.

To share what I prayed, I asked for God’s guidance and mercy. Lifted in him my problems and seek a definite answer to my prayers. Yes, I asked him “Lord God, please let me know how will I be able to face all these challenges that we are having right now?” “You know my heart is now filled with doubt, fear and loneliness. Please fill and replace it with understanding, patience and love”.

I took a glance on my phone and saw 4 missed calls and 1 unread message from Ian. I know he is wondering where I am as I didn’t told him where I was going. I opened up his message and he asked, “Asan ka?” I replied. “Divine”. Then, I continued praying.


Again. I prayed “ Lord God, please tell me and guide me to the right direction.” Then the church’s bell rang. It was exactly 11 a.m. I prayed, “God, was it the sign?! I mean, the bell rang so I thought it could’ve been God’s answer. Haha!  “ I said to myself, Oh  no! it was just a sort of the church’s alarm clock. So again, while the bell continues ringing, I paid attention to the huge image of Christ at the altar, near his feet, there was a caption” JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!”

So there, I was overwhelmed and felt warmth. I knew he gave me the answer right away. That is to TRUST HIM! I gave and offered everything so all I need is to TRUST IN HIM!

I’ve been so stubborn at times. The answers were already in front of me, but I always tend to look in different way as I find his answer. I think, most of us are like that. We failed to acknowledge his presence as we wanted things to happen the way we want it and then question him whenever we don’t get what we want.


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