Cactus and Succulents

 photo IMG167.jpg
cactus! I just don’t know what are the particular names for each of them. I used to call the farthest one, brocolli. the middle one as tomato, the third one with red pricks as fingerly cactus. hahaha


 photo IMG168.jpg


I bought these cactuses late last year. It was only last Monday, that I was able to repot all of them. Not in the photo is the Jade plant, that I am  trying to regrow because there is only one remaining stem of it with few leaves as others already died due to over watering ( I guess!).

I started home gardening early last year as I saw my co-workers’ photo of her growing indoor plants (Pechay and Lettuce) and I got really interested too. She gave me some seeds and was able to grow and harvest them. For now, I also have planted some chili and peppers directly to soil in the garden (will show photos of them the next time) and I hope that they would really survive this time around.

I’d be adding up a few more of these cactus as I would be making my very own cactus and succulent garden. If you’re a follower of mine over at Pinterest. You can see that I’ve been pinning around a lot of inspiration of cactus and succulents in my Home Gardening Board 🙂

Can’t really wait for these prickly creatures to bore flowers soon!



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