Hello Long Weekend!

Today is our last working for the week and for the month of October. We’re all looking forward to the long weekend, four days (three days for others who have work on Saturdays) off from work in lieu of the All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day. 

So I need to finish off today all of my pending tasks in the office. I also need to plan ahead my schedule for four days just so I won’t waste time and end up not accomplishing any worthwhile activity.

I hope to accomplish these in four days.


  • General cleaning of our room
  • Laundry
  • Fixin’ kids school things
  • Organizing our closet
  • Visit to the cemetery


  • Blog updates, theme makeover
  • Photo book making – I really hope I can catch up on this!
  • PC clean up- back up photos, organize and delete unwanted files, etc.
  • Finish all of my pending online assignments

I hope to deliver on these and of course spent sometime for rest and unload stress. Hope you all had a fun and spooky Halloween!

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