Five Top Tips In Spring Cleaning Your Home

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. β€”Erma Bombeck

We all want a clean and organized house. Seeing that furniture dust free, the floor squeaky and sparkling clean, a living room that would pass on for a great cover photo on a home and lifestyle living magazine is every mom’s wildest dream.

The thing is, we cannot keep it that way 24/7. Especially if you have kids around the house whose favorite activity is go and create mess. πŸ™‚ But then again, doing some spring cleaning to your home will keep everything back on track.

Here are my 5 top tips in spring cleaning your home

1. Schedule Cleaning Time. Once or twice a week, every other day, once a month, find the best time that will keep you inspired to make it very easy and convenient for you.

2. Keep a List of To Do. After you find time to do the cleaning, it is would be wise to know which are the things that needs to be cleaned up. A check list is a sort of an inventory for you to also keep a note of all your home furniture and equipment. You can even go and prioritize those easy tasks and keep those hard ones for another day to give them your full attention.

3. Keep Dependable Cleaning Solutions. It is best to use environment friendly products and those that are pocket friendly supplies. πŸ™‚ Having them would make cleaning more convenient and easy to do.  A perfect partner for all your spring cleaning needs.

4. Move around and start. The best way to create your starting point in cleaning is to dust off dirt first, from top to bottom- from ceiling to wall down to the floor. Then wipe off, this will keep you from going back and forth and will save you a lot on time and energy. For those carpet cleaning tips, you can keep a cleaning solution that would work best with your carpet. You can also seek professional help when dealing with a delicate one to ensure quality and good cleaning service. You can always count on the RugDoctor for all your carpet cleaning needs.

5. Tossing things in a designated box. Organizing your things and declutter first before you clean. This would also lessen your cleaning time as this would result in a faster and more quality time in cleaning.

13 thoughts on “Five Top Tips In Spring Cleaning Your Home

  1. I need all the cleaning help I can get! sigh….housework when I get in πŸ™ but the list idea is fantastic..I never do a list and end up just making more mess as I am not organised!

  2. I tried to clean regularly and keep the dust to minimal and I agree it’s better to use environment friendly cleaning solution. πŸ™‚

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