Losing Weight For The Right Reasons

There’s an obsession in our society with losing weight, and being thin. The trouble is that we tend to lose weight for the wrong reasons. Here’s some examples of good and bad reasons to lose weight.

The right reasons:

To improve your fitness

Being overweight can decrease your fitness levels, because you feel demotivated and want to play Cheekybingo instead of going for a run. Losing weight will not only make it easier for you to walk up and down the stairs, it will also improve your endurance and stamina. Not to mention you’ll look more energetic.

To prevent medical conditions

Losing weight improves your overall physical well-being. Being overweight is linked to diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, to name a few. Losing weight will give you the best chance of remaining healthy.

Improve your self esteem

When you’re overweight, it will make you feel bad about yourself. By setting yourself a goal to lose just 10% of your body weight, in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll prove to yourself that you can achieve. And it will spur you on to achieve bigger and greater things.

The wrong reasons:

To be skinny

Many women feel terrible about themselves because they are not model thin. However, losing weight to be skinny is unhealthy, and doesn’t look good. If women who aren’t naturally thin go too far with their diet, it won’t suit their body type. Slim down to a healthy weight. Not a skinny one.

You’ve put your self-worth on your weight

Too many people base their self worth on their weight, which is a sad by-product of societal conditioning. Being overweight does not define you, and doesn’t make you any less worthy of happiness than a naturally slim person.

Because someone bullies you

Being teased about your weight is extremely hurtful. Unfortunately too many people accidentally use hurtful comments or bully you, because they want you to feel bad about yourself. Don’t lose weight to prove the bullies wrong. If you choose to lose eight, let it be on your terms.

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