DD Grade 3 Educational Field Trip: Part 1(9/29/12)

I was not feeling well when I wake up in the morning on the scheduled educational field trip of dear daughter.  I got tummy aches and had to visit the comfort room for about 7 times. But glad everything went well with a dose of medicine 🙂

Our bus left around 7 am  and we head on to our destination.

First Stop. Science Centrum

E-Com Building, Riverbanks Center
Marikina City

science centrum

Kids were able to try out the featured exhibits on

Body Works

Watch Me Pedal

Ride a bicycle with Kelly the Skeleton and find out how the bones in the different parts of the body move as you pedal


Come Race With Me

  Can you beat Elma Muros-Posadas in running? She can run 10 meters in 1.2 seconds.


Bernoulli Blower



DD trying out the colored shadow



The Solar Sytem


Your Weight In Other Planets


Human Gyro Ride

One brave parent volunteered to try it out 🙂


Infectious Disease Exhibit

Vector Control and Malaria


Where Are They?

FInd Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites


Photos above were just some of the exhibits that dear daughter were able to explore. She told me that among the places that we visited, it is the one that she enjoyed the most.

On the upcoming post will be all about the ROPPETS, GSIS Museum and Luneta Park  for the history highlights of the trip…

5 thoughts on “DD Grade 3 Educational Field Trip: Part 1(9/29/12)

  1. wow she looks like she had fun kahit na she’s not feeling good that time, i like watch me pedal and some others, sana mapuntahan din nina josh yan.

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