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I am trying to organize some of the pictures for upload, these are taken a few weeks ago and deserve a post here in this blog. 🙂 Those are taken a couple of weekend ago when we had a weekend trip to the mall with the kids.

Of course, we always go on a food trip whenever we have the chance and the extra money of course. lol!

So I still got to make an entry for this;

  • A detailed post for dear daughter’s educational field trip
  • Tasa-Tsina food trip
  • Our first time dine-in at The Old Spaghetti House(TOSH)
  • Kids playtime at the mall

As much as possible, I want to document our going out trips and make a photo book out of it. It always feels good seeing how happy and memorable all those experiences are. I hope to catch up and accomplish those things.

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