Fun Learning

science centrum

Last Saturday, September 29 was the educational field trip of dear daughter. As usual, I am her companion for the said trip 🙂 I woke up early to my dismay because I had to go the bathroom about 7 times the entire morning until we left home for the trip. I don’t know what happened but my tummy aches, diarrhea bouts that is! Perfect timing eh?! I thought that I won’t be able to make it, I took 2 tablets of Loperamide 30 minutes before we left.

I was really praying hard for the medicine to take effect. Glad it did and it was a great relief during the entire trip. I was able to focus on the little girl and enjoyed the trip as well. It was the about the little girl I was worried because she has motion sickness. Other than that, everything turn out smooth and despite the drizzly weather, we were able to have a fun learning activity together. I will share some of the pictures I took on my next post entries.

So please stay tuned… 🙂