Hello Summer Vacation!

Yes, yesterday was the last school day for both of my kids. Today is the start of their summer vacation and as early as yesterday afternoon after they got home from school, things have been crazy as they’ve been having a cat-dog fight over at their xylophone toy (an old toy since they were toddlers)! Haha! Imagine a few hours off from school huh?! I am so looking forward to a few more scenes like that during their entire school break! Oh my!

I hope to be able to organize my schedule so that they won’t get bored as I find something productive and creative activity for them to get busy with for the coming days. Still, I am praying that things work smoothly for our Kitchen, we’ve spent a lot on it (I’ve invested/put on it the entire money I got when I resigned from work) and I know that Ian really loves to cook and enjoys how our customer praise his prepared dishes everyday.

Sure we do get tired from the daily kitchen schedule-cooking, marketing, washing the dishes, etc. But this is our bread and butter now. All we really need is the willingness to hang on despite all the odds. Every business has its’ ups and downs right?! I know, things will be ok soon… There were just moments that we both feel like giving up, but looking at the bigger picture, we both know that our business has the potential because our hearts are on it.

I need to catch up on a lot of things- our room organization; cleaning and throwing away of unnecessary things that have been long sitting in the cabinet and boxes. PC clean up- sorting out the entire files and organizing photo albums. If only I can share the cluttered files in our desktop. Hee! Oh, last week, I had to rush out on a nearby computer shop to finish some articles because our PC just died?! (Power Supply got busted) Another expenses to fill is to buy a new  wireless keyboard and mouse and a headphone. Our PC really needs an upgrade.

Oh how I miss a lot of my online activities. When things settle offline, I’d be catching up a lot. That’s a sure thing!


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