Weekend Happenings: Attended a Birthday Party

I was up early last Saturday to do the laundry, good thing that Mr. Sun was all up to until the afternoon. So when it rained around 3 p.m. our clothes-line were already empty. I also did the ironing early evening.  I manage to finish all the household chores that day because I don’t want to get caught up with unfinished chores when we attend the party the next day.

Come Sunday, we went to the Marketplace around 9 in the morning (that’s the name of the mall) to buy the little girl a nice outfit to wear some of her dress doesn’t fit her anymore. We were at the party around four ‘o clock in the afternoon. It’s a Jollibee kidde party. Basti, the one year old celebrant was in his Superman costume. It was a fun Justice League themed party. Kids had a blast. WIll share the party pics in my upcoming posts.

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