Grateful First Friday of August!

We’re now on the eight month of 2013, time flies! Soon enough, it’ll be Christmas. Yay! šŸ™‚ The first few months of this year was quite hard for us financially- debts, bills to pay, household expenses, kids tuition fee and many more! The thing is, our source of income is not enough to fund all of these things, what added to our problem is that our source of funds- my online job that is! wasn’t quite doing well at the same time.:(

We were really scared and really had to struggle to make ends meet. It was really hard to keep one’s spirit high in times of troubles right?! I’ve had bouts of depression then, good thing people around me are kind enough to understand what I am going through. Our family- DH and the kids ,whom we’ve had drawn strength from each other. We managed to get through hard moments. Laugh and cry around together and otherĀ thingsĀ that made us stronger as a family šŸ™‚

Good health is one thing that we are most thankful for. I really think it’s a balance, God won’t really keep us from burdens that we can’t bear. I just couldn’t think on how to survive *knock on wood ,Ā if anybody gets sick and we really don’t have money to pay for medical expenses.

SMALL LITTLE THINGS ARE BIG. simple things makes me feel grateful despite the problems and I think that is what matters most. To keep the faith and just move on, surrendering everything to God and bit by bit, things will settle and you’ll get by. Just what’s happening right now, things are getting well. It may not be that big, but enough to keep us in ourĀ comfortĀ and peace of mind!

One thought on “Grateful First Friday of August!

  1. you are not alone dear. we are facing some financial struggle too as in right now there’s a bill waiting to be paid and it is $4,300 lawyer bill and we’re not even halfway to be over with our case plus credit cards to pay…. argggssss… if there’s life, there is hope!

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