Lighting Your Home to Perfection

Home lighting is the most important aspect of home décor and design. Without it, productivity and efficiency, as well as the level of comfort at home will direly be affected. It is therefore very important for homeowners to give enough attention to this aspect especially during the planning stage.

The role of good lighting at home

Aside from making the home and all of its parts pleasing to the eyes, lighting can make or break the level at which each of the rooms are able to meet their actual functions. Say, the kitchen would never be a place for cooking and food preparation if there wasn’t enough lighting to support risky tasks like chopping, slicing, frying, and others. Same goes with the home office, where reading and writing won’t be possible without having to use any light source.

Rule of thumb in home lighting

That said, it should be easy to understand that a single lighting style does not apply to all of the rooms at home. Home lighting is definitely not a “one size fits all” endeavor; why else would we even plan it out if it was?

Now, the planning part need not be as tricky as it may seem. After all, the main concern is to promote function, so basically you just have to figure out which of the rooms in the house are intended for what. The list below might help expedite this process for you:

  • Kitchen – since this is where a lot of heavy and precision tasks are performed, having a combination of ambient and task lights could work wonders. These may come in the form of modern or contemporary wall sconces, chandeliers, and under-the-cabinet lights.
  • Entertainment room – this is where the household gathers for those weekly movie marathons, or for the much-anticipated video game matches. Ambient light could work to provide a warm effect, while corrective lighting behind the TV screen will help reduce the glare coming from it.
  • Living room – if you love decorating, then you are going to enjoy looking for light fixtures for the living room. From stunning contemporary wall sconces to amazing modern chandeliers, you can choose any type of overhead lighting and some wall-fitted ambient light to create both a functional and relaxing effect. Remember, the goal is to keep this room as versatile as possible, so make sure that you set its lighting into versatility as well.
  • Bathroom – aside from being that smaller four corners of home in which people work to be a cleaner version of themselves, the bathroom is also that nook where some individuals light up some aromatic candles, let soapy bubbles rise to the brim of their tubs, and put classical music on. So aside from your regular built-in overhead light, you can add some wall lamps that work with dimmer switches to add that relaxing, spa-like effect in your very own bathroom.
  • Dining area – here, it’s important for people to see each other’s faces as well as the food they are partaking. For this a strong overhead light would work, such as a chandelier, or any other pendant-type lighting.

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