Warehouse Furniture Sale



We went to a nearby warehouse last Saturday to look around on some furniture for the house that we could buy.They are on sale, 70% off from all of the furniture items that are displayed within the showroom area.

Prices are really cheap but are really of quality made materials. Theirs are way better that you can see in the malls and other furniture shops. We’re specifically on the look for lcd tv lift cabinets  that we are going to put up in our bedroom. The one we’re currently using is already broken and badly needs replacement.

We weren’t able to buy any because most of the items were already bought and have the reserved tag. The salesperson said that they will be releasing new items next week, so we better go there early to catch on the new release.

For now, I am looking around online and found the TVLift Cabinet.com and saw that they are on Black Friday- Cyber Monday $100 Off! They also do Free In-Home Delivery. That’s an irresistible offer! The downside is that I am on the other side of the world and I can’t grab the opportunity myself.

But I can buy one for my relative in FL as a gift for their newly built house! 🙂

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