Creative and Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree


So what is your theme on your Christmas tree for this year? Now, those trees are no longer confined to be made up of those pines and greens. Everything has evolved and you can now have your very own style, design and version of the Christmas tree.

Photo above is a great expression of uniqueness of a Christmas tree, not the typical ones that you can see everywhere. Very simple yet creative! Not to mention that it is very eco-friendly, all you need is those excess pieces of woods that you can just get from a neighbor’s house on going construction, or you might simply have it at your own  home 🙂

Setting up your own Christmas tree doesn’t really have to cost you a lot and hurt your pockets right? The very essence of a Christmas tree is all about the people who build it up, those hands who worked on it, put on the decorations and all the blings.

The lights, the topper and the gifts under the tree is just the an added icing on the cake that makes it more exciting…

Have you started putting up your Christmas tree?


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