Weekend Happenings

I’ve spent most of my time offline over the weekend. Last Saturday, I woke up early to do the laundry to attend the PTA meeting in my son’s school. I also got his report card and his average grade went down by two points, maybe it was due to his getting sick prior to the exams. His average is 85.5 this time, still good I think! I don’t want to put pressure on him as I know that he can catch up fast when he feels a lot more better soon.

I actually am not worried about the grades because his health is our concern this time, he is now recovering and under medication. He is now back with his old kulit self, which is a good sign for us 🙂

Dear daughter on the other hand had her math exercises  for their MLEP, they are now on multiplication and division, it is quite hard for her on catching up on these two so I gave her few exercises to do. She’s kinda slow but I can see an improvement, which is really important.

My Sunday was spent on catching up on sleep and a little of household chores in the morning. I really decided to stay away from our PC since I know that I’ll be spending a lot of time again on it this coming week.

It feels good to really get sometime away from the online world to catch up with what’s happening offline. You get to appreciate things around you.

Now that we’re on the last week of November, I need to finish a lot on my offline and office task so I won’t be rushing out when Holiday break comes. I just can’t wait for the Holidays to come! Of course to spend a lot of time away from the four corners of our office to enjoy time with my family and friends more. 🙂

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