Cooking and Kitchen Essentials

We live in a house with a family of two, so we typically share on most of the parts of the house except for the bedroom. But when we finally had the budget, we started on house renovation and had our very own bathroom and kitchen!

Ian and I were so excited to decorate and fill up the kitchen with all the nice accessories and essentials that we could think of ๐Ÿ™‚ Since he really loves cooking, Oh yes, heโ€™s the one in charge with the cooking because I am not really good at it. Tehee. We made sure that he has all the necessary cooking tools ( pots, pans, spoons,etc.)


For food preparation, he needs a sharp and quality made knife, like the ones that lion sabatier offers.

Lion Sabatier Cambridge Knife Block

They are made of stainless steel and are carefully designed to fit hands, even for the small ones for a good grip. The plastic handles are durable and heat proof too. So we really need a set of it, the ones with different sizes to be used for different purposes like bread, slicing, pairing knifes.


A magnetic spice rack is also on the list, the convenience of having all your spices in one place and within your reach for easy access makes you more relaxed while cooking. Knowing that it is magnetic is an added bonus for its space saving and nice presentation purpose.Those colorful spices looks good as an accessory design for the kitchen too!


Another thing not to forget especially if you love to roast meat like the mermaid. Having a mermaid roasting rack can do the trick, for it is specially designed to fit into the  standard size of the dish and to prevent it from rolling over. It is made from stainless steel and very easy to clean up and is dishwasher safe. Roasting saves you on fat calories and perfect roasting gives you a crisp meat.

Cooking is fun especially if you got all the essential tools for you convenience while you move around in the kitchen

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  1. Aside from the great presentation of the magnetic spice rack, another added bonus would be that you will see everything in one glance and could easily pick what you need from the bunch of spices.

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