Weekend Happenings

The long weekend is over, just like that! Ian and I went to Divisoria, a haven for great finds for very cheap price. We bought upholstery materials for Kuya I’s sofa. We were so happy that we were able to buy it way below the price being offered at the leading store for upholstery materials.

We took the chance to go around the 168 and the new 999 mall which happens to be having a grand opening that day. BTW, we were surprised that the mall and stores are open as early as 8 am. Yes, we went way early to avoid the crowd. Went home around 1pm, it was a smooth travel, no traffic and the weather is good!

Saturday were spent for household chores, laundry day it is! I was able to start with my online assignments that night and were done Sunday night. Yes, I’ve spent the whole day writing down articles that I almost had blog burnout. 🙁


Not a good thing, but I need to  finish them before the deadline ticks. Oh well, the procrastinator in me never learns the lesson 🙂 But glad I’m done. Now I am looking forward to a much longer weekend this time in lieu of the Halloween celebration. I hope this week will be a good and productive one, both with my offline and online activities.

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