How To Start a Blog

It has been four years since the birth of this blog and through the years, I was able to set up another three that focuses on different topics and have finally ventured into blog monetization.

Let me go through some memory down the lane on how I was able to come up with this blog and how it was able to gain a space into the blogosphere.

I was at the office and surfing the net when I stumble upon a blog entry that catches up my attention, I enjoyed reading and can relate to most of the entries that she had put into her so called “online diary”. So there came the need of wanting to put up my very own and jot down my thoughts through blogging.

So here are some few steps I took on how to start a blog

  1. Register to a blogging platform. Setting up my very first was through a free blogging platform, BLOGGER. After quite sometime, I was able to avail my very own domain.
  2. Choose title for your blog. My Life in this Wonderful World tops off among other the other titles   have in mind as it really mirrors every activities and milestones in my life.
  3. Choose a template. Dressing up your blog is one of the important factors that you have to consider when blogging.  You can choose the layout, colors according to your preference.
  4. Create your first ever blog entry. I remember feeling like a student introducing myself in front of the class and telling everyone something about myself. Somehow, that’s how I introduced my blog to my very limited readers back then.
  5. Decide if you’ll go self hosted or remain into free blogging platform. There are many factors to consider when going through some changes like getting a host for your blog, a fee to pay the hosting, ranks and other blogging criteria when you decide to shift and venture your blogs into monetization after a while.

Gaining and meeting online friends, the sense of fulfillment are one of the benefits that you can get out of blogging. Going through my back post was really an enjoyable experience as I get to read how I documented important milestones and events of my life in this wonderful world!

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