Fiedl Trip Post Backlogs

I hope to finish and update the post about dear son’s educational field trip a month ago. I was able to  do the first entry which is our first stop-The Ark Avilon Zoo. I am yet to make about three more places that includes a famous landmark in the heart of Manila area, The Fort Santiago. We were able to see some of the memories left from the world war like the wall of Intramuros, preserved old buildings and the famous footsteps of Rizal during his final walk to his execution.

Next would be the trip to a local orphanage, a group of kids had dance performance. They were given some educational materials like books and school supplies. Then off we went to our final stop which is the Seri-Fantasy World located in near the Luneta beside the Manila Ocean Park. Kids had their grandest time here as they were able to enjoy the play area, watched a 3D movie, the mirror maze and the trick art museum. We had tons of photos taken during the entire trip. We both enjoyed it and we had so much fun and learning experience  to cherish.

We are so looking forward to next year’s educational field trip. This time, I had to attend two field trips again.The other one is with dear daughter. Who knows, a thermal coal power plant might be a part of the list. But then again, I think such type of power plant is not really for kids though! Saved that for adult, professionals and science course students. Hopefully by weekend, I’ll be able to publish the said post.


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