Christmas Wish list


Only one day left before the month of December comes in, and it’s exactly 25 days left before Christmas. People around are so busy planning their holiday activities. Christmas holiday is my top favorite occasion, a time of the year when all are just in their jolly and holiday mood. The sharing, gift giving, party and festive mood is just really inspiring.

It has always been a routine, or you may say a “tradition” for many (including myself) to create their yearly wish list for the holiday season. I’ve always been creating my list since I was a kid, hoping that Santa will deliver all of the toys, toys and more toys that I have written down on my list 😀

As I grew up, I realized that mom and Dad were my “Santa Claus” who tries to grant all of those things that I have written on my “Dear Santa” wish list. But up to this date, I still do continue writing one, only to hope that I ( I consider myself the Santa Claus since I earn my own money now) would have enough budget for those things. LOL. DH and I were also Santa for our kids now.

For my 2011 Christmas wish list, I want:

  • A notebook for myself, so I am now canvassing on some cheap and yet quality made laptop computers around the net.
  • Office bag
  • Pairs of shoes
  • New pants, shirts and blouse. Ok, I want a closet makeover.
  • Iphone or Ipad

I hope Santa will grant my wishes, not necessarily all of these things but I hope that he’ll consider any of the techy gadgets 😉

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