Hello December!

24 days to go before Christmas. 🙂 the downside is, I got terrible colds, cough and sore throat. It got even worst yesterday, but I was still able to do some household chores in the morning and took the whole afternoon for some rest. Good thing it’s a regular Holiday yesterday in lieu of Bonifacio Day

We were suppose to go out yesterday to buy some stuffs at the mall including a metal hose for our hand shower that got broken a a couple of months ago. DH saw a pricey yet quality made one in a hardware store inside the mall. Hope we’d still be able to see it by next week and I hope by then, nobody is getting sick anymore.

For this month, I am looking forward to a very busy schedule. With so many events and occasion to attend to- Christmas and birthday parties, school activities for the kids. I really hope that we’ll be able to deliver. I am so looking forward to Christmas shopping too 🙂

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