Catching Up

I know it’s been Friday since my last post here. I need a lot of catching up with my online activities and I don’t know where to start. lol! I am so glad that the boss told us last Thursday that we’ll go off from work the whole Holy week. We’ve been dreading for a long vacation that’s why, but then again it seems like rest is far from what I am able to do. I wasn’t able to take my usually afternoon nap which I am looking forward to whenever I am home. Weekend were spent by doing household chores- laundry and cleaning. Off we went to pay a visit to my parents last Sunday morning and had our lunch there. Went home in the afternoon and did some cleaning around the house since we received a call that DH’s Uncle will be visiting us, but the visit didn’t push through as the uncle got sick. They ( Tito D and  wife) came around after lunch yesterday. I am also done with the general cleaning of our room yesterday morning and we went to 168 mall in Divisoria in the afternoon to buy some more party favors for DD’s 7th birthday celebration on the 30th. We had a good deal on piňata, paper plates and cups with Disney characters on it, colored spoon and fork, balloons, more balloons, giveaways, etc.. need to print and cut out later the thank you card note and cupcake toppers.

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