Managing My Blogs

I wasn’t able to follow my supposed to be plans for my websites and other online activity  last holiday vacation. Offline activities caught me up most of the time- family reunions, shopping, parties to attend to so couldn’t do much online. Now, I have no choice but to squeeze in during my weekdays schedule and juggle my time between them.

Summing up my to do’s for my online tasks goes:

  • Update my blogs with some personal and quality post. (I hope to deliver on these two)
  • Find new and effective themes for my other blogs
  • Check on my domain and hosting renewals schedule
  • See if I can manage to enroll my sites to a pci compliance hosting, still got to research more on the benefits on this and see how things go around.
  • My pending Photo books making
  • Clear off some clutter (codings, broken links, etc) on my blogs.
  • Adding up another baby (new blog) a niche on shopping perhaps. ( Hope to this soon :D)

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