First Weekend For 2011

First week of January has ended  and I can say that everything went well, Let me sum up how we went through it.

January 3– Resume day of work- it was kind of hard catching up as I am still in a holiday mode, but were able to deliver on my online tasks.

January 5- Classes resume for Gab and Nic. It was really hard for the little boy to get back into his previous daily routine as he was used to waking up late due to the long vacation. We also did cram on doing his assignments, thanks to our newly bought printer for making things easy. 😀

January 6– overwhelming tasks offline and I am having a hard time catching up on my online activities, my body clock still can’t adjust to my old work schedule.

January 7- busy day at the office, received our first week salary of the month and had my first migraine attack for the year, I was near in crying while I am on way home as I couldn’t bear the pain and I am about to vomit anytime. I laid down on bed for awhile, I was only able to take dinner after I threw up.

Now I am done with the laundry and now starting on my online tasks as I need to finish them all today because we’ll be heading to Quiapo for the fiesta and will have to check out some ipod nano case at the mall as my brother is asking me to buy one as his old case just got broken. Hope things will even get better as days pass by for this year. 🙂

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