Signs that You are Getting Fat

I am the thinnest among my siblings since we were young and so I never imagined that I’ll be at my most heaviest weight today. After I stopped breastfeeding my eldest child when she turned a year and a half, that was the start I gained weight. But despite the gaining, I still feel that I am just perfectly fit not until I noticed these signs that I am really getting fat:

  • My underwear’s garter would roll over. lol!
  • Size M shirt no longer fits me, not even L but XL. oh my!
  • People I know would often say that “oh, you looked like you gain some weight, are you pregnant again?!
  • I really find it hard  to pick things up off the floor.
  • My shoe size of 6 1/2 is now 8 and sometimes 9 🙁

I tried and did my best to go on diet, but I just can’t really help it especially when DH cooks my favorite dishes and I must say that he’s a really good cook. I am now in search for the best fat burner in the market as I now keen on losing these stubborn fats of mine. By hook or by crook I am gonna be on my ideal weight in a couple of months!

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