Still Busy on a Weekend

Today is such as busy day and it seems as if it is a regular working day for me, only with too many tasks on hand as most of the household chores have eaten up my day. I felt so sleepy now but I still need to catch up on my tasks. Some of the things I have accomplished today:

  • Mountainous laundry
  • Cleaned up our room
  • Done with some pending tasks

Oh there’s only three of them?! But its physically draining and exhausting. Now I am off to do some mentally challenging stuff and that is to finish some of my online tasks! 😀  Haven’t taken my afternoon nap and my eyes are starting to shut down now, been having dry skin and pimples too, DH even asked me why do I have a bump on my forehead, Gee!  it’s just a pimple and not a bump! lol! I think I need to find the best adult acne treatment just in case these pimples worsens and became an acne. I just hope and pray not!

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